About Futura

2402 Mount Vernon Road, Suite 255 Dunwoody GA 30338-3076 US   |  +1.7703940665

Futrua is 34 year old Broker/Trading firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  We have offices in Salisbury, North Carolina, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Lakeland, Florida.


Futura has highly developed programs in the Tobacco Category.  That consists of Cigarettes and OTP (Other Tobacco Products).  OTP is Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, E Cigarettes, Dry Snuff, Little Cigars, Moist Snuff, Plug, RYO (Roll Your Own), Traditional Pipe, Tubes and Papers, twist and Rope, Vape.

We also have programs in Cell Phone Accessories, Energy Shots, Flavored Carbonated Water, Milk Modifiers, Olive Oil and Syrup.